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DPF Delete

The Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF is a large filter installed in the exhaust system of modern diesel vehicles, which is designed to remove soot from exhaust gases. The DPF filters soot so efficiently that it eventually starts to fill up and becomes clogged. Car manufacturers have designed the DPF to self clean when soot build up approximately 40% full is detected. At this point the ECU alters fuel mapping in order to markedly increase exhaust gas temperature, thus burning off excess soot build up. The problem with this self purging process is that it requires the vehicle to be driven long enough for the cleaning process to take place; and with most cars that are driven on short journeys or normal city driving, the DPF never regenerates and becomes so blocked that the engine runs very inefficiently.

Eventually the DPF will be unable to be rejuvenated and a replacement is very expensive. The dealer may try other solutions like updating the software – which is designed to protect the DPF – signs of which are hanging revs when you change gear, increased turbo lag and flat spots at lower rpm. The dealer might also try regenerating the DPF in their workshop, but this is of little use if the DPF is too far gone.

The most common symptoms of a clogged DPF are a lack of power, engine light on and high fuel consumption. The ECU detects the blocked DPF and then forces the engine into limp mode, which reduces power drastically and makes the car almost impossible to live with.

The Simplest solution is to have an exhaust shop or mechanical workshop remove the clogged contents from the DPF leaving only the housing and original pipe work. Our job is to then do the necessary DPF delete software upgrade, which codes out the DPF function and coding so that your vehicle will be trouble free and drive better than it ever has. DPF Delete software upgrades are offered as a no-cost-option as part of normal diesel tuning – only if required. Please contact us directly to discuss your DPF delete requirements.

EGR Delete

Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR is a process whereby a certain percentage of exhaust gases are passed through the engine inlet to be re-combusted. This is done to reduce emissions. Although this system works quite well on petrol engines; diesel engines typically display reduced efficiency when compared with the same engine without EGR. The problem is worsened when the EGR valve becomes blocked or seized. When this happens, turbo lag increases dramatically and low down engine response is dulled and the ECU can put the engine into limp mode. The solution is to have a mechanical workshop fit a blanking plate at the base of the EGR, preventing the ‘dirty’ exhaust gases re-entering the inlet manifold. Our job is to then do the necessary EGR delete software upgrade, which codes out the EGR function allowing the engine to run with uncompromised efficiency – without actually needing to replace the EGR valve. We do this as a no cost option when we ECU chip tune a turbo diesel vehicle – only if required. Please contact us directly to discuss your EGR delete requirements.

Economy Diesel Tuning

Some of our customers are not necessarily after maximum power and torque, but rather, their focus is to use as little fuel as possible. In cases like this we offer optional tuning for turbo diesel vehicles which focuses expressly on achieving the best possible economy for a given vehicle. This chip tuning is the same cost as normal power tuning.

Catalyst Light Delete

If your engine warning light has come on after fitting high-flow catalytic converters or you have removed the catalyst altogether, then we can tune your car to eliminate this problem and restore all the power and tune the ECU so that the engine can run at its best with the higher flow exhaust catalysts. This service is a no-cost-option offered as part of normal tuning – only if required.

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