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What is Chiptuning and how does it work?

Chip tuning also known as: performance chipping, reflashing, ECU chip, remap or engine remap is technically referred to as chip tuning. Each injection engine whether petrol or turbo diesel is provided with a computer - ECU (Engine Control Unit) which regulates ignition timing, fuel injection – air/fuel proportion and turbo boost (on turbocharged cars). Within the ECU is a chip that contains the necessary operating parameters for the engine. We reprogram this chip in order to give the engine a new and enhanced operating program.

Why not chip tuning by the manufacturer?

Car manufacturers use a stock tune that is restricted by laws imposed on new cars, meaning they have to adhere to incredibly stringent emissions regulations. Additionally, each new car built is designed to work with the varying fuel quality available around the world. These restrictions negate engine performance and can make the engine feel a bit flat, especially when compared to a chipped equivalent.

Car manufacturers have marketing targets and engine power is almost never optimised on a standard car. Some cars within a model line up will have exactly the same engine, however, the power output will be lower on the lesser model, but in fact the only difference is in the ECU software mapping.

How does the installation take place?

Chiptuning NZ offers a mobile service that covers most main centres in New Zealand. We have been chip tuning in Auckland for nearly 20 years and chip tuning in Wellington for almost that long. We of course also do chip tuning in Christchurch and Dunedin. If you happen to live in an area not covered, we offer a same-day return service when you send the ECU to us.

Using the best chip tuning tools available means we can remotely reflash your ECU via the diagnostics port with most cars. All cars are checked for faults before and after tuning and the vehicle is taken for a test drive to ensure all is up to specification (where possible). The tuning is completed on the same day. Please feel free to call for an appointment or enquiry at 03 348 7744 or email

Do you dyno tune each car you tune?

Although our tuning is developed on a dyno, we do not dyno tune every car we remap. It is unnecessary, especially with Stage 1 tuning. We like to use a dyno to develop new tuning as well as chip tuning cars that have had extensive modifications that require starting from scratch. We do however, check Lambda on all cars after we’ve chip tuned them to make sure AFR is as prescribed.

Safe power increases from tuning the latest torque request ECUs requires an in depth knowledge of map locations and torque limiters. This is of greater importance than dyno tuning – running the car on the dyno without actually knowing where the limiters are will make no power gains.

Will the lifespan of my engine be affected?

 No, our chip tuning is safe and comes with a lifetime warranty. Please see Warranty section

The tuned upgrades are proven and thoroughly tested for each car’s individual strengths and weaknesses. All performance increases we make are well within the engine’s safety parameters.

What about fuel consumption?

Because chip tuning increases engine torque, less throttle is required to achieve the same speed. Average fuel economy is improved by 0.5L/100km in most cases. On turbo diesel cars, economy is improved further especially at motorway speeds when the engine is turning at lower rpm.

Do I need stronger suspension or brakes?


Is Chiptuning detectable during an inspection?

No, the software modification cannot be determined because the stock program is used to develop the upgrade.

Will the engine operate at higher temperatures than before?

No, the engine coolant temperature is controlled thermostatically.

How does the automatic transmission change?

The mechanism is adapts automatically.

Can my car be returned back to standard?

Yes, with ease.

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